Aquatic Plant Management Society

Journal - Editorial Board

Journal of Aquatic Plant Management - Editorial Board


Dr. Ramon Leon – North Carolina State University – Plant ecology, modeling, and genetics

Associate editors

Dr. Alyssa Calomeni-Eck – US Army Corps of Engineers – Algae control and environmental impact

Dr. Julie Coetzee – Rhodes University – Biostatistics and biological control

Dr. Rodrigo Diaz – Louisiana State University – Biological control

Dr. Stephen Enloe – University of Florida – Aquatic invasive biology and integrated control

Dr. Brenda Grewell – USDA-ARS – Biology and Ecology of invasive wetland plant species

Dr. Nathan Harms – US Army Corps of Engineers – Aquatic plant ecology and biological control

Dr. John Madsen – Aquatic plant ecology and environmental impact

Dr. Christopher Mudge – US Army Corps of Engineers – Aquatic plant biology and herbicide-control

Dr. Wes Neal – Mississippi State University – Fisheries management

Dr. Robert Richardson – Aquatic and invasive plant management

Dr. Ryan Thum – Montana State University – Ecological genetics and genomics of aquatic and invasive plants

Dr. Ryan Wersal – Minnesota State University – Invasive plant ecology, lake ecology, and plant management techniques

Dr. Bin Zhu – University of Hartford – Ecology and invasive biology