Marketing Material

Activity Book

The Understanding Invasive Aquatic Weeds Booklet includes classroom and homework activities that introduce students to the importance of native plants in lakes, rivers, and wetlands and the destructive potential of invasive weeds to these resources. Click here to download a pdf.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the activity booklet, please contact: [email protected]


The APMS PowerPoint is in a presentation format that can be readily used at professional and/or public meetings to explain the activities and mission of the Aquatic Plant Management Society. The presentation includes who we are, our mission statement, history, core values, membership, regional chapters, the annual meeting, student initiatives, research grants, awards, and resources. A PDF version may be viewed or downloaded here. Please contact a board member if you would like to use the PowerPoint.

Portable Exhibit Display

The APMS Education and Outreach Committee has prepared a two roller-shade portable display for members to exhibit at conventions, public meetings, and other extension events. The display highlights the mission and activities of the Society. For potential use of the display or development of new outreach content, contact the current Education and Outreach Committee Chair or use the ‘Contact Us’ form.