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The Aquatic Plant Management Society, Inc. (APMS) is an international organization of scientists, educators, students, commercial pesticide applicators, administrators, and concerned individuals interested in the management and study of aquatic plants.

The membership reflects a diversity of federal, state, and local agencies; universities and colleges around the world; corporations; and small businesses.


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Originally the Hyacinth Control Society, Inc. when founded in 1961, the Aquatic Plant Management Society, Inc. is a respected source of expertise in the field of biological, mechanical, and chemical aquatic plant management and aquatic plant species. The Society has grown to include several regional and state chapters. Through these affiliates, annual meetings, newsletters, and the Journal of Aquatic Plant Management, members keep abreast of the latest developments in the field.

OJBECTIVES: The objectives of the Society are to assist in promoting the management of nuisance aquatic plants, to provide for the scientific advancement of members of the society, to encourage scientific research, to promote university scholarship, and to extend and develop public interest in the aquatic plant science discipline.

MISSION: The mission of APMS is to provide a forum for the discovery and dissemination of scientific information that advances aquatic plant and algae management policy and practice.