Aquatic Plant Management Society

Walter A. Dun

Walter A. Dun was one of three elected supervisors of the North St. Lucie River Drainage District in Florida.  He first became associated with the organization in December 1955 and five years later he was elected President of the Board of Supervisors, a position that he held for many years. To St. Lucie County agricultural people, “water” is almost synonymous with Walter A. Dun. One local grower laughingly accused him of wearing the “wet” out of the water with his ceaseless redirecting of the water in and out of the 230 miles of drainage canals within the District.  A native of Ohio, Walter became a citrus grower in the Ft. Pierce, FL area. To the owners of the 40,000 acres of citrus in St. Lucie County, representing two thirds of the county’s agriculture, provisions for the right amount of water at the right time—and disposal of the same—was vital. Walter credited the success of the program to cooperation of the stakeholders.

Walter was an original member of the Society. He was awarded Honorary Membership by 1976 President Ray Spirnock who recalled that Mr. Dun was “ as nice a gentleman as you will ever meet”. Walter passed away in the fall of 1976 soon after the meeting in Ft. Lauderdale.

(Information obtained from Florida Citrus Production Credit Association July 1967 newsletter and Dr. William Haller)