Aquatic Plant Management Society

Paul C. Myers

Paul C. Myers graduated from Clemson University with a B.S. in Biology where he excelled in academics and Track and Field.  From 1971-1977 he worked for the Florida Department of Pollution Control sampling lakes and streams.  In 1978 he became Director of Aquatic Plant Control for Polk county Environmental Services.  In 1981 Paul and his wife, Linda, founded Applied Aquatic Management, Inc. which would become one of the largest and most respected plant management companies in the U.S.

Paul’s quiet nature and extensive knowledge benefited many in the industry.  He received the Max McCowen Friendship Honor in 2000.  He was a charter member of the Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society, Editor of Aquatics magazine 1981-82, President of FAPMS in 1984, and an Applicator Dependent Scholarship was named in his honor.  Paul lost a long battle with a rare cancer in 2004.