Aquatic Plant Management Society

Luciano “Lou” Val Guerra

Luciano “Lou” Val Guerra spent 30 years working various aspects of aquatic plant management in the State of Texas. Lou received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Texas. His training was in aquatic biology and fishery science and ecology. He worked as a research biologist (4 years) and as an extension biologist (13 years) prior to becoming Director of the Noxious Vegetation Program for the State of Texas Department of Game and Wildlife. After 13 years in this position, Lou retired. During his career, Lou has written more than 50 articles dealing with various aspects of farm pond management and aquatic weed control in journals, popular magazines and trade publications. Lou was instrumental in introducing salt-water fish species into Texas waters as a means of biological control. Lou has been active in community affairs, being recognized as a “Hildalgo of San Antonio” for his community service efforts. Louis has been active in the Aquatic Plant Management Society, serving as President of the then Hyacinth Control Society in 1974-75, as Director in 1972-73, and as Newsletter Editor from 1979-84. Lou also received the Society’s Distinguished Service Award.