Aquatic Plant Management Society

James D. Gorman

James D. Gorman received his degree in Engineering from Georgia Tech in September 1956, and immediately after joined the Hillsborough County Health Department as Assistant Sanitary Engineer. With Dan appointed as its Director, Hillsborough County created a separate Mosquito Control Department in 1958. Under Dan’s leadership, the Mosquito Control Department took on the related task of controlling nuisance aquatic vegetation. Dan continued to serve as Director of the Hillsborough County Mosquito District throughout his career and was a Founding Father of the Hyacinth Control Society in 1961 when it was established. Having initiated his service on the Board of Directors in 1962-1963, Dan served as Secretary/Treasurer from 1963-1966, as President in 1966-1967, and as vice president 1967-1968. Through his dedicated service, Dan helped focus the attention of the society on promoting research for the advancement of aquatic weed control technologies; and education and training programs for aquatic plant control applicators. Dan retired from the Hillsborough county Mosquito and Aquatic Weed Control District on June 30, 1994 after 38 years of dedicated service.