Aquatic Plant Management Society

Frank S. Stafford

Frank S. Stafford was born in 1929 in North Carolina. Frank joined the original Hyacinth Control Society in 1965. He began his aquatic plant management career in Sarasota County, FL in July of 1963 as part of the County Mosquito Control Program. He worked in all facets of aquatic plant control from the man at the end of the hose to research scientist and director of the Sarasota Aquatic Plant Control. He was one of the pioneers in the use of aerial application of herbicides for aquatic plant control.  Frank’s contributions to the control of aquatic weeds enhanced the art/science.

Frank and his red bushy beard were easily recognized as well as his happy manner. Frank’s musical entertainment for members of the Society after the course of business was most appreciated. He played anything from the autoharp to the zither. If it had strings, Frank could make it sing.

Frank was a strong supporting member of the Society and medically retired in July, 1980.