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APMS partners on informative webinar series reviewing Strategies to Protect Drinking Water from Harmful Algae

In summer 2021, APMS collaborated with the US Army Corps of Engineers, the American Water Works Association, and the North American Lake Management Society to offer a unique series of webinars summarizing the wide range of multi-disciplinary management strategies currently utilized to protect drinking water quality from the growing threat of harmful algal blooms. 13 different technical contributors provided an excellent overview of management techniques from the watershed to the tap that help protect our water supplies.

An overview of the series and recordings of the webinars are provided below.

View the full announcement here

HAB Impacts to Drinking Water and Current Management Outlook

Source Water Protection in the Watershed

Mitigation of Internal Nutrient Loads in Drinking Water Sources

Harmful Algae Management

From Intake to Tap

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