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Battle goes on against spiny-leaf naiad

1099f454-de5aSource: The Friday Flyer (California) 08/08/2014
For the past couple of years, the Association has been battling spiny-leaf naiad in the lake. This plant grows in large clusters on the bottom of the lake, and after it seeds, it breaks loose and floats to the top, creating a nuisance and possible hazard to boats. READ MORE
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Lake Banook weeds plaguing Dartmouth paddlers

Canoers and kayakers competing on Lake Banook in Dartmouth, N.S., are going up against more than just other competitors these days because of a weed problem which is creating havoc on the water. READ MORE
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Carp winning war against aquatic weeds

Since their release into Smith Mountain Lake in March 2013, the sterile grass carp apparently have done their job of limiting aquatic weed growth. READ MORE
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Chemical treatment approved for Quarton

In the last three years, the growth of lily pads in the lake has gone from a few pretty flowering plants to a nuisance vegetation that has been threatening to overtake the waterway.  READ MORE
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Management resources depleted as aquatic weeds spread

LAKE COUNTY – with lower lake levels allowing weeds to grow further from the shoreline, more invasive weeds taking root and shrinking resources for weed management, Lake County’s program to control the plants continues to fight an uphill battle. READ MORE
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Aquatic weeds consume Houston Lake

The Department of Natural Resources has come up plan to get rid of some of the vegetation using an herbicide called Clipper. The Cabomba plant is the main culprit.  READ MORE
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Oakland to consider becoming test site for composting milfoil

A Maine DEP official said if the project is approved, data from the test compost pile could solve the problem of how to dispose of the invasive aquatic weed. READ MORE
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Newman Lake to be treated for aquatic weeds Sept. 9-11

Aquatic biologist Brandon Watson loads a box of the chemical 2,4-D onto a boat equipped with outriggers designed to distribute the chemical into the water to kill Eurasian milfoil, an invasive aquatic weed, during a control effort at Newman Lake. READ MORE
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Hydrilla rapidly spreading in Eno River

The invasive aquatic plant hydrilla is moving down the Eno River at a rate of 1 mile per year and could begin to hamper boating and other recreational activities in Falls Lake in 12 years… READ MORE
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Invasive aquatic weed sold in Papamoa pet store

Pond and aquarium owners are being asked to watch for hornwort, which looks like oxygen weed but grows more aggressively. READ MORE
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