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Regional Update – South Carolina APMS Meeting Wrap-up from Myrtle Beach!

2The 2014 annual meeting of the South Carolina Aquatic Plant Management Society went off without a hitch!  The three day event kicked off on Wednesday with Dr. Susan Wilde’s discussion of all things AVM at her lab at the University of Georiga.  The afternoon was rounded out  with talks from Clemson, NC State University, UGA, Nufarm, and Sepro.  Visiting professor from across the pong, Dr. Jonathan Newman provided perspective on aquatic weed management in the United Kingdom.  Wednesday evening featured a President’s reception at which attendees caught up on the year while enjoying hors d’oeuvre and a few cocktails. (more…)

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APMS by the decade

history_books_0071-0804-0812-1544_SMUAfter our last blog posting, we saw a great deal of discussion via our social media sites (twitter, LinkedIn, etc).  It has been great to review what has happened over the past ten years of our society, but what about since the APMS was founded in 1961.  Many of you may not know this, but our society was ACTUALLY initiated as the “Hyacinth Control Society” on July 17, 1961.  Anyone want to guess what the “big topic” might have been during that era?  We’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count….. (more…)

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Dominant Topics – Looking Back Over Ten Years in Aquatic Plant Management

hottopicHot topics seem to change by the minute, if not the second, in today’s world.  This morning’s celebrity scandal is overshadowed by reports of corruption in politics or sports in the afternoon.  We are a society that lives in the here and now, but a lot can be learned from our past.  Although not as readily amended as pop culture news, topics certainly change in the science of aquatic plant management and some stay the same.  These topics are a sign of the times and potentially even a sign of things to come.  This week’s blog will raise the question: “What do YOU think the big topics over the last ten years have been?” and “Where do you see the science going in the future?”  We have our opinion, so why don’t you let us know if you agree! (more…)

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Scientists Work to Identify and Thwart the Spread of Invasive Phragmites in Florida

Photo Credit:  Lyn GettysThe “common” reed (Phragmites), as its name would imply, is one of the most widely distributed flowering plants across the globe. Phragmites exists on every single continent except Antarctica and, in the past century, has begun to cause major problems in North America. Although native varieties of the plant exist in North America, introductions of plants from Europe and Asia have created a virtual hodgepodge of common reed that even the most seasoned botanist can’t differentiate between. (more…)

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“Stunting” Hydrilla – A Look at Growth Regulators

coffeeI fondly remember watching my dad drink coffee on Sunday morning while reading the paper.  As an inquisitive 4 year old, I wondered what this warm liquid that my dad so eagerly gulped tasted like.  So as he went for a second round of pancakes, I shot in for a quick sip.  The bitter taste of what could only be described by a pre-K as dirty feet soaked in oil made its way out of my mouth as fast as it went in.  While I sat and wondered why any sane person would drink such a retched drink, my dad quickly chimed in with “Son, that will most certainly stunt your growth!”.  Years later I do find myself wishing I was a little taller (if only I hadn’t taken that sip) yet I am often found sipping that same drink every morning on my way to work, which I (and likely many of you) now would describe as the “nectar of the gods”.   (more…)

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54th Annual Meeting of the Aquatic Plant Management Society – In Case You Missed It!

The 54th annual meeting of the Aquatic Plant Management Society was held July 14th-16th in Savannah, GA and featured some of the best in aquatic plant research, management, and industry! For those of you who may have missed it, here is a recap of the 2014 meeting.

This year’s meeting was held in conjunction with the MidSouth APMS Chapter Annual meeting at the luxurious Hilton Savannah DeSoto, overlooking the Madison Square and Spanish moss draped oak trees of historic Savannah. We had quite the turnout, with 186 delegates and 27 guests registered over the course of the meeting. The 2.5 day meeting featured over 60 presentations, including oral and poster presentations from 20 students representing 10 different universities. The student turnout certainly suggests that our Society is certainly growing as 15 of the 20 students had not previously presented at an APMS meeting!

Student Poster Award winner Kallie Kessler Colorado State University discusses her research at the Poster Reception


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The “Why” of Aquatic Plant Management – New Paper Covers Benefits of APM

9-2089413-tcn071113weeds2_t460What a busy week for the APMS!  We had a wonderful meeting over the past several days.  A meeting centered on research, extension, and industry, all focused on some aspect of the aquatic plant world.  Many of us have been in the “business” for years.  No matter who (research, industry, or education/outreach), what (aquatic management, biology, mapping, etc), or where (hydrilla in the southeast, EWM in the north, flowering rush in the west), its sometimes good to ask the WHY…. (more…)

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‘Tis the season of “Cyanos” – Identifying and Managing Summer’s Pesky Pond Problems

Photo Credit - Jamie Morgan

Photo Credit – Jamie Morgan

As temperatures start to rise and rainfall becomes less, summer is a great time to cool off at your local water body, be it swimming, water skiing, or fishing. However, summer also marks the season of cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria are often the dominant primary producers in ponds void of aquatic vegetation. They have the ability to fix nitrogen and regulate buoyancy, providing a clear advantage over desired species that fuel the food-chain such as diatoms and green algae. (more…)

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A Systematic Look at Fish Kills in Florida’s Lakes, Rivers, and Canals

Photo Credit - Florida FWC "Fish Buster's Bulletin"

Photo Credit – Florida FWC “Fish Buster’s Bulletin”

Nothing is more shocking to a resident, fisherman, or resource manager, than to discover hundreds (or even thousands) of dead fish in the waters in which the recreate or work.  While rare, “fish kills” do happen annually in various ponds, lakes, and rivers across the country. (more…)

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APMS supported research investigates habitat level relationships with turtles, susceptibility to deadly disease

The APMS supports a great deal of student research through it’s many National and Regional research scholarships and awards.  One such award offered is the Philip M. Fields Scholarship, provided by the South Carolina Aquatic Plant Management Society.  The scholarship is awarded to a student who is researching an area related to the biology, ecology or management of aquatic plants in the Southeastern region.  Applications are evaluated on the basis of relevant test scores (ACT, SAT, GRE, etc.), high school and/or college grades, quality and relevance of course work or research, a proposed budget, information obtained from references, and other related information.

Mercurio, the 2012 award recipient in the field.

Mercurio, the 2012 award recipient, in the field.


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